How much is a fulltime income online?

Hello everyone! How are you?

Let me share to you a secret. The truth is that when I started out writing advice as to how to write an article (, that piece was my first article that I wrote. When I started out sharing how it is to be an article writer online and being paid about it, it was just my assumption as I haven’t received my payment yet. In short, I wrote what I want to have and be before it actually happens to me.

But of course, with this blog, I am passed that. I have established a steady online career. Not a millionaire, but a person who can earn fulltime income online. But wait; there is another thing I have to confess first before I continue with the topic – when I started this blog, I WAS NOT REALLY EARNING ENOUGH to call it a fulltime income; this is because I just recently quit a fulltime office job to be really fulltime online and earn the income that I want from home.

Okay, I have said what I want to say…

But why do I have to say my confessions now? Because right now, I am officially a VA (that is the reason why I have no entry for quite some time) who is working at home earning the income that I want – a fulltime income.

Just how much is a fulltime income if you work online?

This has actually a subjective answer. Some would say their fulltime income is Php15,000 while others would go as far as Php70,000 per month. So how much is the fulltime income I am talking about here? It’s all of the above.

You see, if you work at home and set your own working time, you are in control with our own productivity. And with this kind of career online, you can earn as much as you want depending on how much you can produce.

As a content writer, I can aim how many articles I want to finish within a day. If I want to reach Php30K per month, I would have to write around 10 articles day. I can aim how much I can earn.

But of course, your fulltime income would depend on what type of skills you have. A friend of mine shared just how much you can earn as a VA. Check his post about it here:

I have written what possible positions you can have online as well in my post here:

This goes to say that if you are working online, you can aim just how much you want to earn. How much do you want to earn? I might help you with that…


So stay tune for my next post here: how to land a good job online…