IM My New Interest

Hello, yes, I haven’t been here since November and really, I should have a lot to say to you right now. Yes, I do have a lot to share but as of now, I am still thinking what to share to you first!

So I decided, I will just have to tell you about what I am up to right now.

I have mentioned in my last blog post here, Blogging 101: Where to Start, about blogging and how you can try out Ms. Janette Toral courses for it. I was not really planning to take it myself because I have to pay for it and I don’t have that much at the moment. Besides, I am not so privy with paying things online. Heheheh, hearing that from me…

It is still hard for us Filipinos to believe what we see online because everything just seems surreal. But anyways, last December, after months of deciding what niche I would like to have on my personal website, I launch, my own personal website. I got so excited about it that I began to reach out to people and share about my site.

Amazingly, my site is just about a month’s old and I have written more than a half blog as compared here….

But that’s beside my point….

To cut things short, I began meeting people. I met Ms. Grace online. She told me about Ms. Janette and her free webinars. Of course, when I heard the word FREE I grabbed to opportunity to register and I am now into the 23rd webinar for E-Commerce Bootcamp and 2nd webinar for IM Digital Influencers.

What I have learned so far?

To tell you honestly, I learned a lot that I can’t seem to write them right now. I need to try them out. if I have learned it, I would have to test it. But basically, Ms. Janette was able to share the following:

  1. SEO techniques (the basics)
  2. Creating business model canvas and mind mapping
  3. Creating the business vision and scope
  4. Creating buzz with social media
  5. Understanding affiliate marketing

And of course, a lot more.

If you are interested, you can register too, just click the links below:

I now fully grasp what Internet Marketing is all about. Now, I just need to apply it. And by the time I was able to generate income from doing it, that is the time I will share this stuff. I am not being selfish; I just want to share what I have experienced.

So, stay tune. I will be writing here more now that I am working at home FULLTIME!