VA Entrepreneur: To Be or Not To Be

Update Logo 1I have always mentioned here that a virtual assistance career is a journey of self-discovery. The path to take is not always straight, plain or smooth. Bumpy roads such as self-doubts and “fail” days can fill your path. And when you move forward you would have to make scary and risky decisions if you want to go ahead and improve or else stay on with your comfort zone – leave growth for the next day to decide.

One of the most challenging questions a VA would need to answer is if they continue with their journey as employees or as an Entrepreneur. This is a crossroad we often encounter and at most part, we choose entrepreneurship. But as we go on this direction, more bumpy roads are ahead of us; that is when we begin to question, just what it would take me to get pass through it and be the VA I want to be? And when answers evade us, we settle as being employees yet again.

No, I am not saying that serving my clients as their fulltime VA, salary-based, is boring. Wanting more does not mean that I would rather be in another place or work. It is not about the fun of working with my virtual employers. It is about the challenges I put to myself to grow. Take on more control on the services I provide. Take on a more challenging role with my clients. Instead of waiting on tasks, I suggest; I lead; I recommend.

And in doing so, working in partnership with my client, I can get out from the limit my job description has put me into. 4 years into this business; 4 years of serving great clients; sharing a dream; seeing their vision; it is really hard to just sit and not do something to help more.

This is why, a time would have to come when being an employee VA is not enough. Growth would insist to take more room; take on more challenges; helping more; providing more…

But where to start to get pass through that crossroad – through those hurdles?

Just like when I started this career, I know nothing; but I went on this road anyways. I guess looking back I am now taking those steps again, knowing nothing about entrepreneurship but I am moving forward anyways. I found myself doing the following yet again…

  1. Evaluate skills. I have to know what I learned so far as this would be my services package.
  2. Take on a mentor and apply guiding principles to keep me grounded. I still take on mentors and inspirations as I did before. Only this time, I followed those who took on entrepreneurship too.
  3. Seek out the right people to join me with this new endeavor as a VA. I created a team of people I can trust and share my aspirations as well as frustrations.
  4. Take a deep breath.
  5. Launch my website– launch my business!

If you are a VA like myself, maybe you could take on the steps above as well. My best advice is to just take a deep breath and take the leap of launching your website.

NOTE: don’t forget to inform your current employer that you have taken on the challenge of growth. Introduce the new you – VA Entrepreneur.

For more details on how I took on this journey and how I manage thus far, visit my New Website. Let’s take on new challenges together. Don’t forget to leave a comment below or just shoot me a message in my Contact Me Form – believe me, I always have time to answer inquiries.


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My Journey… more to come!



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