Hello, I am Rhena Jean Lubao, Sunnyjean here, a fulltime mom and home based internet career woman. I have had some few attempts on blogging since 2009 but I only just found my niche last 2011. As of now, I am very happy earning fulltime income online with my home based job as a Virtual Assistant providing blog development, web content management,  social media and business online set up services.

Get to know me more

My love affair for all that is online started 2009 when I became a mother. There is something about parenthood that makes a person more perceptive and at times desperate to make things better around them for the sake of his or her child. For me, it was coming from all directions, these insights and realizations and there was no turning back.

I was a college instructor for 7 and half years teaching Computer Subjects to students taking up Associate in Computer Science. I started teaching when I was still single and I was contented with everything I get from teaching. The satisfaction of being revered by students because I was pretty and smart was really cool and the pay gets me to the next payday without so much trouble. But then, I have to get married and I have to get pregnant right away.

Sharing space with another, although my husband was my sweetheart for five years, can be tough. I was an independent single woman who enjoyed her space so much that when husband came, it was annoying. One of the things that got me annoyed is his love for downloading stuff from the internet. It was annoying me because I didn’t see the sense of having an internet for a simple hobby, we can do research at school and it was free. Having internet connection at home means COST that I do not like.

But I really don’t get annoyed for a long time. Instead of insisting on getting rid of that cost, I thought of how we can earn from the internet so that it can pay for itself. Around that time, my husband landed on a huge project with a bank. He was to create three banking systems for loan monitoring, accounting and savings monitoring. He was so excited to have that project that he agreed to do it right away, asking my help. I was reluctant because I was 9 months pregnant and I’d rather focus on taking care of a family than undertaking a HUGE project. But hubby was so excited, I know he felt that this project is a start of something great and I know that he was doing it for us, for our new family, so my husband, I and another programmer took on the project.

And it was doomed to fail from the beginning. None of us have any idea about project management, being teachers and all, and higher ups (our school and the bank officers) began negotiating without us in the picture. In the end, we were not really compensated as we thought we would be. After two years, the project ended not so well.

But within those two years, I found an interest online that ignited to passion. My main part of the project that we took was to prepare project documentation like Development Plans, Project Plans and all that plans and charts a Software Development needs. I found immersed on research and learning things I wouldn’t have an interest to read if not for the project. I felt awesome doing it. I love documentation!

While doing the project for the bank, we are also cooking project at school. We called it Software Development Team aiming to help students with programming capabilities find small projects so that they can hone their skills. One of the things I was passionate about at that time was to see my students land on a lucrative job even while going to school. I also want students graduated from two year courses to find jobs as good paying as with the jobs degree holders often get.

But getting projects is not easy. Local business still can’t grasp automation and small business doesn’t care for technology. And most of all, we can’t explain how technology will help business owners improve the process of their business.

With this thought, I turned my attention online. I read that people can earn online. One of my colleagues is earning online as SEO specialist (at that time, I don’t know what it means or how it is done but I researched about it anyways.) This colleague of mine suggested that I write online. And while I did not know how that can help me earn money online or get good part time jobs for my student, I started writing on hubpages.com right away.

And in the end, that colleague gave me a writing gig and I was able to earn! It was amazing for me.

But that did not stop there…

While I appreciate the help, I was a computer science instructor and I want to do more online. Besides, I took on that journey not only to earn but to find online jobs that my students can do too while they are going to school.

And so my journey online began…

I started applying to writing job posts at craigslist because I didn’t know any other place. There I met my kick starters. I met the site owner of trademate.ph who gave me writing gigs. I also met the owner of Alphadore.com and I did forum posting, article writing and article submissions for him. But my breakthrough was when I opened writing gigs on fiverr.com. I was asked by trademate.ph owner to write a review about that site. Yeah, fiverr.com was new then and I can say I did well there.

But then, I don’t want to just write. Orders are just too much for me to handle and my back aches from accommodating all orders. And no matter how hard I work, I still can’t earn as much as I need. Besides, I realized, not too many of my students (in fact I have to meet one) who can write. I can’t encourage anybody to work online with the kind of job I know.

And there I came to look into the possibility of being a VA. Last year, I began looking job posts from easyoutsource.com. There I met the clients I am still with up to this moment. But the important thing was that I was given an opportunity to work for someone who needs to have his blog site and running with fresh content. That was a real turning point. I love everything that has to do with setting up, research, writing and distributing content.

However, I still have my teaching position. It was tough working online fulltime while working offline fulltime too. My boss caught me writing (which was not for work but I just love writing) and thought I was working online while in a class. Truth to be told, I totally lost my interest in teaching and I was so engrossed with my online career.

Boss told me to either give up my “hobby” or quit my job. I chose the latter cause by that time I realize, working online is not a hobby or a quest for trying out jobs my students can do (although I still hope to educate students how to find jobs online) but for myself. I love what I do online. From writing to setting up blog site, I just totally am passionate about it.

And now, I am a full time VA, enjoying what I do; helping business owners and professional keep their blogs with fresh content; help business owners use their online tools to serve their clients best and set up a market ready website for business owners just starting their business website.

 I am passionate about kicking overwhelm out of the way and identify doable things so that busy professional and business owners don’t have to waste their precious time learning new technology they don’t really want to learn but are necessary for their business automation.

I am, also, the happy founder of the FB group EPO (Empowered Professionals Online) aiming to empower young professionals and new online entrepreneurs so that they can be comfortable using online tools to promote their advocacy, services and products. And now, I network locally to be with likeminded people as a proud member of Pampanga Bloggers and one of the Core members for Google Business Group Angeles City Chapter.

If you want to get to know me more; want to learn how to set up your online presence for your business or for your profession; or what to know how to be a VA; feel free to Contact Me. I am more than happy to help you.

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