How to Be the VA You Want to Be – Characteristics You Need to Have Now

There was a time that I thought, if I want to do things right, I get a book (if am lazy, I get an article online) about how to do things right and follow the tips and advice to the dot.

And… I was never able to do it. As always, I would see one interesting post, book, to another and I read them all. This creates ‘overwhelm’ inside my brain and I end up munching theories rather than acting on facts.

But, I was able to focus on a how to article, or more like an image. I have this abs workout image. 24 days of none stop work out to build my abs. Yes! I was able to do the work out exercise for 24 days and then more because I got hooked up with working out. Sadly, it didn’t give me the abs as shown in the picture. However, I got trimmed down and I love it!

The image was just given to me, whoever the owner of this.. thank you!

The image was just given to me, whoever the owner of this.. thank you!

Then, I learned three things from the experience that would bring me to where I want to be, Internet Marketing Extraordinaire (shy to say it but it’s my wish to be me).

  1. Focus. Among all the things you can read, you have to zone in your attention to what you can apply right now. Focus on one thing that is closest to your heart and expand on it. Just like you exploring the macro and find the micro to start with. This is because you just can’t take it all at once. First, time won’t allow it. Second, just how much percent of your brains you can use for storage? Third, you don’t have to read it all to know it all. Leave some room for experience to know you know what you know… get what I mean? So focus on the things you can take action right now.
  2. Discipline. Keep on doing what you are doing. Create a habit. Build a character. Keep on pounding at what you think you should do. Yes, the TV is there. Yes, you would like to have time to chat with friends. Yes, Facebook is just in front of you. But you know, you can’t work when playmates are around. You have to teach yourself to follow your time, do what you said you would do and keep at it until that would become you.
  3. Always give yourself a chance to learn and grow. We are humans, with our human tendencies to play around. Discipline, for me, is THE word that would keep me away from work. It is so un me. But, I acknowledge that without it, I won’t reach my goals. And so, each time I fail to discipline myself, I give myself a chance to get back on track. This is where I don’t give up just because I have my weaknesses. My desire to go where I want to be negates my desire to just sit around and be pretty.

Well, I would like to tell more but at the moment, writing this keeps me away from work. However, this is a part of what I do that keeps me going so I forgive myself for this waywardness.

If you think differently, or if you want to add some more tips on how to be the VA extraordinaire, feel free to comment below. And, if you want to learn more about how it is to be a VA, Contact Me and tell me how I can help you.

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