How to Write Quality Articles Even While Under Pressure

Hi, I want to just share this technique of mine to those of you newbie or oldie article writers out there. You know, and if you don’t know I am now telling you this – that writing an article for online clients means you are able to think and write quality articles quickly. There is no ‘but’ about this rule. And admittedly, as some of my dear clients are probably reading this, I am remiss on both accounts of late as I transition from being an article writer to a VA. And again, this is not an excuse. That is why I am writing this article for all of us, for you to let you know how important it is to provide quality articles and for me, to remind myself how important QUALITY SERVICE is. I have just become an advocate of that so I have to stand by it and do my best to provide the quality my clients deserve.

Before giving out the tips how to write quality articles quickly (I can write in average, a blog within 30 minutes and a quality well researched article for an hour) I would like to share the importance of the following:

  1. Online reputation. You know, we are providing service to people around the world. We are not only building an online reputation for ourselves but for Filipinos as a whole. If you are just starting to be an online writer or a VA right now, don’t do it out of trying this career online. Do it as you treat a day job – with sense of responsibility. If you take it for granted that there are a lot of job offers as a writer out there, you can be all wrong. While the demand is high for article writers, the clients would like to have a writer who can really deliver with less work on their part. They would like to work with somebody who is able to provide the quality they need and trust this person to do just that all the time.
  2.  Don’t be greedy. As I have mentioned, there are a lot of job offers for article writers. Don’t accept if you have your hands full with other gigs or personal stuff to do. I can say this is my situation for the past three months – well, for the past two years as I juggle a day job and a part time job as a writer. But now that I have decided to build on a career online and really invest all my time, effort and even cash for it, I have learned to block my schedule and only accept clients where I can truly serve. I am also determine to serve my clients (one on writing and one as a VA) better and better as I learn how to be a better online professional.
  3. Enroll yourself to a system of following a career online. This is the system that I am actually developing right now that I will share to you soon. Basically, this is a system where you start to learn blocking your time, both personal and working time, to fully enjoy your lifestyle. I just learned that time is the most important commodity in life and that you don’t just squander it on doing things that are pointless in life or in your growth as a person. So check it out later on my professional website.
  4. Take time to rest. You can’t serve well or write quality articles if you are too tired to do it. So take a rest. No use getting sick on a job that won’t pay you for sick leaves. So rest.

Now that I have said all of that, let us go back to the main topic, just how to write quality articles quickly?  I have learned this from a client too so read up:

  1. Turn off all distractions. You have to cover your ears from noise, logout from your facebook and turn the internet off. Yes, you have read it right, you have to turn everything off and just write.
  2. Use the internet only for research. I find it easier to write if I just put everything in a draft first. I will research on a topic; paste all the interesting stuff on the draft and just save it for later. Later is the time to just write, write and write (this time, rule 1 should be applied).
  3. Use your own words. Don’t just rephrase a sentence or a paragraph as much as possible. Get the juice out and the write it.
  4. If you don’t have any idea about a topic, go to a forum about that. Copy and paste interesting stuff and then just rephrase them the way you understand them. Just be sure you understand the context.
  5. Use or word built-in grammar check to see if you have all the spellings and grammar taken care of. Of course, you might miss some so you might have to read it and proofread it a bit. If your client is rushing you to pass, as long as your article passed paperrater, then you are good to go too.
  6. Develop your personal touch. You know, as a writer, you have to be able to develop your own flow of words; your word play signature so to speak. This will not only endear you to a client to a point where they will come back for more, you will also enjoy writing more. Why? Because you will have something to look up to while writing thinking “Hmmm, just how am I going to play around this topic?” This will not only keep the boredom out you won’t think of procrastinating a task you love doing.

So that’s it for now. I was supposed to write something like how to be a VA, but hey, this is me, always spontaneous on what I write. See, I can share a lot more information if I let hard earned lessons kicked in and be shared to the world.

So good luck guys on your career online and let me know what’s up. You can visit me on my blogsite too at