My Review

Coming soon… and here it is! At long last!

My Review

The thing is that, I have planned to do this last year and just now have the time to do so. But again, here goes my mantra on things – something I am changing now that I advocate QUALITY SERVICE – “Better late than never…” – what is this site all about?

I really don’t have the term what these sites are called officially. I am also lazy to Google things up as I want to share my experience concerning this site. So I will just have to use my own words and how I see lets you set up an employer and employee profile. This profile lets you share your rate per hour and your monthly salary expectation. You can also write your skills. Once you have these details sorted out, you can now browse the site for job postings and you will see thousands of posts.

Job postings are categorized to let you search for a job according to your skills. There are job posts for writing, VAs, web programming among others. You can click on these job posts to see the post’s details and see if it is agreeable with you. You can then click the apply button which is quite visible. You can type in a message too on the application thread just below the job post’s details.

Afterwards, you can wait for your potential employer to contact you. There is a messaging feature at that alerts the email you registered on the website for any development from your application.

Now, let me review on the following attributes:

Ease of use website layout made it easy for you to add and update your profile. It is also very easy to search for job posts and apply for a job. Everything is always just a click away without you looking for it on the page. Even if you are a newbie, the site allows you to navigate it without so much trouble.

If I have to cite an example where gave me hard time to browse around the site, it is finding their FLAG page where you can post comments and notifications on clients and workers not performing or paying.

So, there is no problem with this one here – for me.

Features and services accomplished its main purpose, to let you set a profile and find an employer you can work with. You can apply and connect with our clients. You can also communicate with the website admin if you have some problems. The admin also offer help in case you are having some issues with a client or employee. is for FREE. Well, I have not researched if you need to pay to post a job here (update… free too) but as a job seeker, my account is free. Now I have to wonder how easyoutsource.come earns. The site basically lets you contact your potential client and conduct your business outside the site. What they do is to bring you together and they are done.

So, really, is giving Filipinos who want to work online a great service.

What is not so good about?

You know, I should be neutral on my review on as I am reviewing it but I am having hard time saying the worst. But I did have both the best and the worst online professional experience on the website. So now is the time to tell the worst.

  1. The site just can filter the employers out. If you are new at, you can fall victim to employers who are out to rip you off. This is most especially if you are skilled as an article writer. Finding writing gigs at might not be the best for you.
  2. More and more flagged users – employers mostly – occur at Almost weekly, I receive notification on my inbox from employees that just go rip off from employers on Banning employers from the site just doesn’t cut it as they can easily create another account at Sad to say, has become a nest of dishonest online employers. And to think that most of these are Filipinos who are pretending to be foreigners.
  3. I lost around $250 within a month at because of clients who disappear just when it is time to pay. This can easily be the case to the new users at
  4. I think is losing its user’s morale, both employers and job seekers alike. And unless the site admin do something to improve the security, there might not be an in the future. But hey, the site is for free… Improving it will be hard, really, really hard.

So, why I am still at if I need clients?

I have three reasons actually:

  1. I found my BEST CLIENTS at When I have decided to become a VA, made it possible for me to find my current client. Reputable institutions such as Sacred VA Institute and Virtual Staff Finder still use the site to post jobs. The clients I have now (1 in writing, 1 in rewriting and 1 in VA) I got from
  2. I learned to filter my clients well because of my experience at Clients from too are more than willing to pay in advance just to show they are sincere. You can’t find this on any other job posting sites. They understand your plight on getting rip off that I can talk to clients here and really demand.
  3. Setting a profile at invite clients in too. Again, all of my clients right now are from or because I have a profile at

So what is my advice?

If you have a weak heart, might not be the site for you to find clients the first time especially on writing gigs. Better use odesk or freelancer for it. And if you don’t like bidding, you can use or try our own

But if you are willing to take the risk and experience devastating lost just so you find the gold among employers, then you open an account on the website now. But remember, this site is not for the faint of heart, just for those who are really able to see through a client’s sincerity in their job post.

You have your own review? Opinions? Bad experiences? Good ones? At, you can share by posting a comment below.

Happy job hunting online guys! Just contact me if you need some help and I will post another one like this or an advice just how to find the best clients on

4 thoughts on “My Review

  1. workers lot of them a scam artist, be careful before you hire them. They say they are capable of doing the job, BUT they dont have any area to rate them. Scam!!!

    • Hi Jassica,

      Yes, as much as there are employers who do not pay and just vanishes into thick air, there are also employees who don’t perform. There is a flag area there to report such workers. Also, look into an employer Facebook account and linkedIN. See if they have track record. I do that to those I applied to at easyoutsource.

      But I guess if easyoutsource admin doesn’t make any action to monitor both parties, the site won’t be such a good place to find both employers and job seekers.

      Warm Regards,

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