It all Started with this Question: How to be a Freelancer Online?

So you are an online freelancer aspirant. That is very good. I mean, I am that too although I have been earning online, I still see myself as an aspirant. This is because I still have a lot to learn and still have a lot to do online.

For almost two years of writing and now setting up wordpress blog and websites online as a Virtual Assistant to a very nice employer (click here to know who), I am still a baby, a slow poke baby. So why do you take a word from a baby? Well, I am a baby and you are still in the womb. J (Assuming you are a newbie reading this – if not, thank you so much and hope you share your experiences too at the comment section below!)

What I am at the moment is not an EXPERT but a person filled with passion of sharing what I have learned. These lessons were hard earned as I have been both pigheaded and potato headed. This brought me to learning things slowly and the hard way.

But I would still go by my principles of EARNING FULL TIME INCOME ONLINE FOR FREE. I have no choice on that matter. I don’t have dollars readily available for online investments and I don’t have good credit – no credit card.

What I have is the PASSION to live an INTERNET LIFESTYLE and interact with people who are basking on the fruits of their online labor. At the same time, I want people who have the same dilemma as I had to try and join me in this journey.

So what I am up to now? I have this in mind…

I want to share my experiences with each of the freelancing sites I have tried so far. It’s like a review. Of course, I will share my favorite sites first where I really earned. I will share all the ‘what’ and the ‘how’.

Now, so far, all I did was accepting projects from employers. So I will be giving advices how to win a project or a bid. Again, I am not an expert and most of the time, I have been declined. However, I did a lot of projects already and have been earning every month since August last year.

Mind you though, I have been doing research and have been trying to work online since 2009 so my discovery how to earn online was not that fast… J

It takes the following to start earning online:

  1. Interest
  2. Persistence
  3. Passion
  4. Inspiration
  5. Constant learning

Whatever failure, whatever heartache, we don’t quit. That is how it is online. And in the end, you will really reap the fruit of your labor.

So stay in tune for more and I will post my first freelancing site review soon…


2 thoughts on “It all Started with this Question: How to be a Freelancer Online?

  1. My daughter is a College Instructor and I can attest to her passion with her newly-discovered internet sideline job. She is really good, very good in fact in whatever she does.
    Proud Mom? Sure I am.

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