You need to ask yourself this question: What SKILLS do I need to work online?

When I talk about earn fulltime income online, some people would think I am talking about MLM or some company you need to join for a price. While I do believe that you need to invest, I go by my principle of earning online for FREE. The truth is that I am earning without shelling any cash from my own pockets. This is basically because I don’t know how to put some funds on my paypal and I don’t want to know how (at the moment).

As a writer, I invested on and on registering my own domain name at Now, I plan to invest for spinning software to help me with my work. But the cash I will spend and spent for the tools I needed online came from the earnings I got from the services I provided online. So you see I don’t spend. Instead, I invest my time and skills to earn cash and a small amount of cash that I earned online I invest to be more efficient and effected online earner.

However, before you can plan to improve yourself, you just have to know what you need to improve. So I ask you, what can you do that you think people will pay you for it?

Skills that is needed online

So what do you need to posses to be able to provide services online? You know, I spent days, a month I guess, reading job post just so I know what skill I can learn and develop. So far, skills I noticed needed are the following:

  1. Writing skills – yes, I would mention my cup of tea of first. The truth is that if want to earn online fast and sure you need to have some writing skills. Pat Flynn says so in his podcast. But I am not saying this because other people said that it is so. I base this from my experience. I have been writing online just to learn. Now, if you have a knack of writing, you got to read about it in my one of my posts here about it entitled Earn fulltime income online: Where to Start?.

Aside from what I have mentioned, if you don’t want to write for someone, you can actually write some product reviews at and promote some amazon products there. You can earn from revenue sharing sites like and too. In these sites, you can improve your writing skills and earn too. Not so much but if you are a pro, you can start offering your services as the following type of writers too:

  • Ghost writer – my understanding about this is that if you write as another person you are a ghost writer. Most often, this happens to writing blog posts and ebook for other people.
  • Article writer or rewriter – article writer can be all of the writers but I want to emphasize that if you are an article writer, you basically would write SEO rich articles for maybe article submissions (where you submit or post articles on article directories like,, and a lot more). Article rewriter on the other hand is when you rewrite an article. There are three different ways to rewrite an article and I will tell you how next time. I did write a little bit about it in my hub last year here.
  • Web Content writer – now, all that I have mentioned are about web content writers. So why do I say it again? Well, web content writing for me is when I have to write specific content for a specific website like when I have to write an ‘About Us’ or when I have to write a company profile and about their products and services.

Don’t take just my word. I have been reading online too and I read this article, so nicely put that I just have to link you there here. If my words cannot make you understand how it is to earn writing online, maybe this article can. And for more writer types, you can read this article

Online writer can earn from $1 dollar per article to $5. And if you are really good, you can write articles that are worth $10 and up. (This is a rate given to Filipinos).

  1. VA skills – well, I am still new with this position and I am enjoying it. VA or Virtual Assistant is like an online secretary. This is where you do things like scheduling, creating power point presentation and preparing reports, to say the least. To learn more about VA, you can visit this site

VAs do a lot of things and there are about 5 groupings or categories for their job description. You can read more about it here A VA can also do some specific and special tasks required by their employer such as downloading files or converting doc files to PDF files. If you have some clerical skills and good English communication skills, you will probably find a good career being a VA.

VAs in the Philippines earn between $300 to $700 dollars a month. This amount could be more as you grow along with the company who hired you. If you want to be a VA and you don’t know where you start you can like Virtual Staff Finder at facebook.

  1. Graphic skills – Logo designs, banner designs and web page layout design need to have person who have some graphics skills. Well, this is not for me but graphic artist are well paid online. a site, is all about opportunities for graphic designing.
  2. Video editing skills – I just realized this lately actually. As continue to bring influence on its viewers, online and offline or both entrepreneurs realized what an effective video marketing is online. So aside from the written content, these businessmen also hire online workers who can do video edit. You have to learn moviemaker software to be a video editor. Some employers provide training but it is best to learn firsthand as this is the only way you can apply for this position.
  3. Web designing – yes, web designing, of course, is a needed skill online. You will need to know about CSS and basic HTML for this position. Tools such as Photoshop and fireworks are a must as well. You also might need to learn how to customize wordpress themes and create a theme child. You will also have to be able to set up a website and have it live online. If you are serious about being a web page designers, lots of great tutorials is available at
  4. Web programming – and for the great, a place a dare not tread, are the position of online programmers. Well, I need not elaborate on this one. Gives me the creeps. This is yet a dream I don’t want to fulfill… (yes, I have to quit the rhetoric)

So what do these guys (ladies) do? They are the ones responsible for making our online experience fun. They do the apps, the platforms, the games and the lot. So if you are into that then you might not be reading this blog at all… you will know your skill to get confuse what you can do online. (But if you happen to visit my blog here, do share your experience as an online programmer.)

I hope you learned something from this post here and answered some of your questions about how to earn online.

So what skills do you think you have now that will enable you to earn online?

Stay tune for more tips and advices!


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