VA Entrepreneur: To Be or Not To Be

Update Logo 1I have always mentioned here that a virtual assistance career is a journey of self-discovery. The path to take is not always straight, plain or smooth. Bumpy roads such as self-doubts and “fail” days can fill your path. And when you move forward you would have to make scary and risky decisions if you want to go ahead and improve or else stay on with your comfort zone – leave growth for the next day to decide.

One of the most challenging questions a VA would need to answer is if they continue with their journey as employees or as an Entrepreneur. This is a crossroad we often encounter and at most part, we choose entrepreneurship. But as we go on this direction, more bumpy roads are ahead of us; that is when we begin to question, just what it would take me to get pass through it and be the VA I want to be? And when answers evade us, we settle as being employees yet again.

No, I am not saying that serving my clients as their fulltime VA, salary-based, is boring. Wanting more does not mean that I would rather be in another place or work. It is not about the fun of working with my virtual employers. It is about the challenges I put to myself to grow. Take on more control on the services I provide. Take on a more challenging role with my clients. Instead of waiting on tasks, I suggest; I lead; I recommend.

And in doing so, working in partnership with my client, I can get out from the limit my job description has put me into. 4 years into this business; 4 years of serving great clients; sharing a dream; seeing their vision; it is really hard to just sit and not do something to help more.

This is why, a time would have to come when being an employee VA is not enough. Growth would insist to take more room; take on more challenges; helping more; providing more…

But where to start to get pass through that crossroad – through those hurdles?

Just like when I started this career, I know nothing; but I went on this road anyways. I guess looking back I am now taking those steps again, knowing nothing about entrepreneurship but I am moving forward anyways. I found myself doing the following yet again…

  1. Evaluate skills. I have to know what I learned so far as this would be my services package.
  2. Take on a mentor and apply guiding principles to keep me grounded. I still take on mentors and inspirations as I did before. Only this time, I followed those who took on entrepreneurship too.
  3. Seek out the right people to join me with this new endeavor as a VA. I created a team of people I can trust and share my aspirations as well as frustrations.
  4. Take a deep breath.
  5. Launch my website– launch my business!

If you are a VA like myself, maybe you could take on the steps above as well. My best advice is to just take a deep breath and take the leap of launching your website.

NOTE: don’t forget to inform your current employer that you have taken on the challenge of growth. Introduce the new you – VA Entrepreneur.

For more details on how I took on this journey and how I manage thus far, visit my New Website. Let’s take on new challenges together. Don’t forget to leave a comment below or just shoot me a message in my Contact Me Form – believe me, I always have time to answer inquiries.


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My Journey… more to come!



VA Lifestyle: Losing Weight While Working At Home

If you plan to go on a diet, don’t just do so in a rush; you might find yourself losing weight and then back again, if not worst, to your previous weight. This will cause you a lot of disappointment and if you are this kind of person, depression.

I have discovered that losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight is a lot of work and discipline. Some people just see this as vanity but I don’t see wanting to be healthy so that I can have a longer life as vanity.

I am a VA. My work requires me to sit in front of the computer for 16 hours, if not more. Because of this prolonged position of sitting, I gained weight. Well, not really, I gained weight when I had my first baby. But I eventually lose some pounds off.  But when I became a fulltime VA, it all came back with a vengeance.

My decision to lose my weight is not entirely on aesthetic. The truth is that my husband would have me fat or thin – no difference for him. However, with the weight, I felt my energy ebbing. I don’t have the flexibility or agility that I used to have. And I can’t blame age as am not that old yet.

Lost of energy and lack of agility means I don’t have the ability to play with my kids. And this thought, saddens me. The reason why I want to work at home is to be with my kids but as it turned out, I am not able to be there for them as I envisioned me to be because I just can’t.

I know I was not healthy with my weight.


And so, I decided to lose weight. I decided to lose weight last 2012. I went trekking just to tell myself I am determined to be active and healthy. And I went on a month diet strictly following the pilot’s diet. I lost some pounds but as I mentioned above, we really can’t just decide to go on a diet spree. Eventually, we will be at lost. Diet needs to have a plan. And there is quite a science, albeit a simple one, behind the plan.

As an article writer, I was able to write and read a lot about weight loss. I realized that weight loss is about three things: discipline, determination and a way of life. Here is a path to weight loss that I went through.

  1. Self evaluation and acceptance. You have to accept to yourself that you are in weight that is not healthy and is keeping you from doing what you love to do. Knowing that you are beyond the healthy weight is not enough. When I gained weight, I was in denial for a while that I need to lose the weight.  I am already married and I don’t need to look pretty, I thought. But as I mentioned, it is not just looking good that made me realize I have to lose the extra pounds. It’s the idea of being able to do the activities I used to do with my nephew and nieces when they were young to my kids now. So I have to accept that my weight is not healthy and I have to lose the pounds that are weighting me down, physically and emotionally.
  2. Belief. Okay, I realized I am over weight at 165 pounds with my 5 feet frame. The thing was that, I thought I was at a point of no return. I thought I was too fat to ever lose it. And if I lose that weight, I can just imagine the flappy skin! But again, I did not decide to lose weight to look beautiful. I just want to be healthy, to feel healthy. So I summoned this belief in myself that I will be able to lose my weight if I put my mind into it. Too a year before a clear result happened though. But because I believe I can, I was able to lose weight.
  3. Realization. Beyond losing of weight is the fact that it is but half of the first battle of being healthy.  In fact, the simplest thing that you can do in weight loss is losing the weight! IT IS NOT HARD AT ALL TO LOSE WEIGHT! That was my first realization. My second realization is after the euphoria of losing the weight; that super excitement that I was so full of energy for some weeks; is the lost of energy because I am at lost at what I should do next. I am at lost of what food, healthy food, to eat to keep my weight. I go on days at times, not eating in fear that if I eat the WRONG food, I will gain the weight I lost. I started working out (I got from youtube) at home when I lost my weight last September and I was happy with the result after two months. However, when I no longer have the idea what to eat and I did not eat, I can’t workout anymore and I lost the energy I so much crave at the start. I am also always bloated not to mention that I am in constant fear of gaining weight again. It is at this point that I realize I will need to have support from people who are on the same interest as I do in weight loss.
  4. You are not alone. I am not alone. I don’t need to lose weight alone. Losing weight is a great opportunity to meet people. When you get stuck and don’t know where to go afterwards, find people who understand just what you are going through. I found 8 Week Run Transformation with Mark Macdonald, an FB group (They have a website. That is where the link will guide you). I just stumbled upon them when I started to think about adding some activity so I can eat more. I thought to run. I never thought that this group is beyond running. I am just so lucky that I found the group, asked to join and they accepted.

Tomorrow, I am going to start an 8 week plan of eating healthy and keeping fit. And again, as I continue on my journey on keeping the weight I need, I know that weight loss is discipline, at first, because I have to follow a plan and need to keep at that to see good, consistent result. I also know, 9 months after I lost my first 9 kilos, that I need to have determination to keep it away too. And lastly, I know am on my way of having weight loss as a way of life because I start to feel enjoyment at what I do. I love planning my meal. I feel happy each time I discover what healthy food I can eat. And mind you, living in the Philippines, thinking the equivalent of the food recipe I read in the group is twice the challenge, something I look forward to do.

And yes, I will have a different blog for my weight loss journey so don’t worry if I seem to forget I was supposed to write about tips on how to be a VA and all that I used to write here. See you again next Tuesday for another Tuesday dose of VA lifestyle!

A Virtual Assistant Lifestyle: Freedom and Limitations

It is, without a doubt, that Virtual Assistants are becoming a prominent job these days. Whether they work at home, as we usually do, or work with a company providing virtual assistance, people are seeing the good light in working online. To prove my point, Facebook’s Philippine Virtual Assistants Network currently has more than 8,000 members, running close to 9,000.

As a virtual assistant, I can tell you all the perks of working online while at home. This is an awesome situation especially for a mom like me because I can supervise the nanny who takes care with my kids while I am working. I think this is the greatest benefit of working at home. However, this kind of job is not for everyone. While I can go all day singing praises for the job I love, I can’t really say this job will fit you even if you are curious about this and would like to try this kind of career online. Here’s my take why.

The freedom of working online at home is filled with limitations

Yes, you read it right. If you work at home as a virtual assistant, you can enjoy the benefits work freedom can provide and they are as follows:

  1. Time flexibility. You really can choose what time to work and what time to play.
  2. Job choices. You are free to apply for a job you want and pursue tasks you love doing.
  3. Salary goals. You can goal for an amount of money you want to earn for a given time and with the right strategy, you can achieve it.

What I have stated above are just few of the things that I have freedom with as a virtual assistant. However, with freedom, you can easily fall to a trap of thinking you can do what you want. You will think that because you are free, you can work less and play more and still earn as much as you want to. That is not the case.

Another danger freedom will get you is greed. Because you can apply for a job you want, you might fall into the trap of taking jobs more than 24 hours can fulfill. And because you have a lot in your hands, you will try to outsource the job and will end up not providing the quality your client deserve.

And no, you can’t get the salary goals you would want if you take the freedom this kind of career can provide for granted.

And so, what should you do if you want to start working online as a Virtual Assistant?

  1. Read what other VAs have to say and learn from their mistakes. Virtual Assistants do have their websites and they do share their experiences. Follow someone you would like to be years from now. I idolize Karen May Dy of and follows what she does.
  2. Don’t just try this; you see this as a career. If you think you want to be a VA, learn as much as you can about this industry. Don’t work this out for the sake of trying. Start this work seeing being a virtual assistant as a career. The Philippines don’t need a half hearted newbie who will just likely add to negative Filipino VAs reviews in abandoning a job.
  3. Put in the ethics a virtual assistant must have if you want to grow in this industry. This means that you must be professional in presenting yourself. You must be able to protect your client’s interest. You must work on having a good reputation. We do commit mistakes along the way but be sure that you always come back up and as soon as you can. You must aim to be reliable. Be awesome at what you do no matter how simple the task might be. Never let go of integrity and honor your end of the bargain no matter what. There are a lot of things you must be as a VA and perhaps I will write a post dedicated to the Ethics as a VA but at the moment, bear these in mind if you take to embark on this career path.
  4. Avoid having a victim mentality. Yes, there are runaway clients. I did have my fair share of them and it hurts to be ripped off. But don’t enter into a contract with distrust in your heart. Don’t make your prospect as enemy who will potentially rip you off. If you have a prospect, research about them. Know about how they do as an employer and ask around. When you don’t see anything, then let go of distrust. If you keep this in your heart, if you get lazy in the middle of the project, you will be able to justify your laziness and you will not provide quality service as you should.
  5. Do your job. Being a VA is more like a business owner than an employee. At times, because you have clients, you would think you are the boss and will seek out to outsource your task right away. Before achieve this situation, you need to do your job first. Ensure that you can do whatever job you applied for and never outsource them if you can’t do them yourself.
  6. Know yourself. There are a lot of jobs a VA can do. It can be overwhelming to choose what you want. But if you know yourself, you will be able to get clear on what kind of VA you are.

Hope this helps. If you have more questions about virtual assistants’ lifestyle, feel free to comment below. And if you have some ideas, please do share. I would love to hear from you.

Online Career Woman: What I have been up to?

Yes, I did a lot this year. I started the year with a bang actually when it comes to community building. I realized that online marketing, digital marketing, internet marketing or whatever you might call it doesn’t happen online only. A great part of marketing or getting your product or brand known is still your networking with people face to face.

And so, while I was not blogging, I spent fun times meeting up with people through seminars and just plain meet ups. Check out what I have been up too since last year July, just about the time I stopped blogging here. (And i wonder why when there is so much to blog?)

1st Philippine BPO-Virtual Assistant Conference in Quezon City


You can say, this is the instigator of my online community. Yeah, I did attend Ms. Janette Toral’s Digital Influencer 2013 in Rizal and met up with my online BFF Ms. Grace but I was not so clear as to what my career path back then. But when I attended this event, it became clear to me as to where I want to go. So thanks organizers for this one.

GDayX in Dagupan

Through PVAN on Facebook, I met with Carissa Coles who invited me to join an event in Dagupan. This is where my beloved community GBG Angeles started.

gdayx dagupan

GBG Events

I love helping out with GBG events, really. The experience is amazing. You’ll probably read a lot of updates from me here about these events though I try not to monopolize my post talking about GBG. But pardon me at times, this is a community with likeminded people that I like so much, so, bear with me if I have nothing to talk about :D.

First Map up event – December in Jocson College

map up 4

Inauguration – February in DM Resort

Second Map up event – March in Systems Plus College Foundation

First GDays in Angeles – April in Euro Hotel

Meet ups

And my favorite moment is the meet up.

Mozilla Firefox in Makati

And yes! Why did I forget… I did attend Mozilla firefox women event last March. Meet up with my sister Grace too. 😀

Don’t forget to leave a message below if you need to know about the groups I am in or just about anything you want to know about working online and building your community base.

Guilty of Neglect

Truth to tell, this is the first blog that I have online with a niche that I love so much to write about. However, as you can see, I still did not take the time to update this… my bad. I do have my reasons and hopefully these reasons can justify the neglect that I did.

Reason# 1: Online soul searching

For the past year, I was determined to set up a professional image online. This means that any blog with a .wordpress or .blogspot or whatever extension need to go. I need to have a so that I can establish my brand online.

And yes, I was able to buy two domains and got it up online. Remember the and the Don’t bother clicking these links as they will end up… most probably in a server not found. If you have forgotten about these sites… you have half the reason why I closed the sites.

The thing is, as much as I like blogging, sunnyjeanblogging did not sound quite right. It lacks the direction I needed to be online. I thought that I don’t want to be just blogging, I want to be blogging for something I like. But, at that time when I have that site up on hostgator, I still have no clear grasped as to who I am online… nada…

With kickstartva, I really love the sassy sound of kickstart. I also did like the idea of providing Virtual Assistant services such as Web Development, Web Content Management, Social Media Management and Online Business Management support; however, I fear the responsibility it entails. I am, after all, a one man show. And, it was not a blogging site too.

So, I was not able to post blogs there (at kickstartva) and I was not able to sustain my two “professional” with no .something sites. I know, I still need to do a lot of soul searching on how I need to represent myself online.

Reason#2: Perfectionist Mentality

I know, it is better to be 20% good and have it started than be 100% and never get to start anything at all. You know, I pride myself as a planner and a doer of my plan. But, one of my flows is that if I see something is not right, I back off and take a rest and rethink things through until they are perfect for me.

I saw this site as not so perfect and I was planning to shift to a more perfect place to blog. As a result, a lot of tips, interest, ideas etc… went down to drain because I was waiting for that perfect situation to blog.

Imagine, one year of silence; one year of neglect… I am so sorry blog.

So, why am I here again?

Of course, I did not give up on my . I still plan to buy my hosting. But, as I have to work for it, I need to have an outlet of what I am up to at the moment. Lots of things happened for the past year. I learned a lot too in line with internet marketing and I so love to share these with you.

Of course, I would still share the basics on how you get started to earn online. A lot of people are asking me how and where to start earning online and I still will post a lot of tips where you can get started. However, I would like to emphasize on ethics of working online and of course, the perks of working at home.

You will certainly hear a lot of me here from now on until I got that domain (yeah, I got the domain, just the hosting).

If you need me to tackle some topics about Internet Marketing, Online business set up, blogging for your business and just about anything you want to know working and earning online, don’t be shy to leave a comment below and I will be glad to share what I know about it.

Don’t forget to like my FB page too! Twitter coming up soon 😀



How much is a fulltime income online?

Hello everyone! How are you?

Let me share to you a secret. The truth is that when I started out writing advice as to how to write an article (, that piece was my first article that I wrote. When I started out sharing how it is to be an article writer online and being paid about it, it was just my assumption as I haven’t received my payment yet. In short, I wrote what I want to have and be before it actually happens to me.

But of course, with this blog, I am passed that. I have established a steady online career. Not a millionaire, but a person who can earn fulltime income online. But wait; there is another thing I have to confess first before I continue with the topic – when I started this blog, I WAS NOT REALLY EARNING ENOUGH to call it a fulltime income; this is because I just recently quit a fulltime office job to be really fulltime online and earn the income that I want from home.

Okay, I have said what I want to say…

But why do I have to say my confessions now? Because right now, I am officially a VA (that is the reason why I have no entry for quite some time) who is working at home earning the income that I want – a fulltime income.

Just how much is a fulltime income if you work online?

This has actually a subjective answer. Some would say their fulltime income is Php15,000 while others would go as far as Php70,000 per month. So how much is the fulltime income I am talking about here? It’s all of the above.

You see, if you work at home and set your own working time, you are in control with our own productivity. And with this kind of career online, you can earn as much as you want depending on how much you can produce.

As a content writer, I can aim how many articles I want to finish within a day. If I want to reach Php30K per month, I would have to write around 10 articles day. I can aim how much I can earn.

But of course, your fulltime income would depend on what type of skills you have. A friend of mine shared just how much you can earn as a VA. Check his post about it here:

I have written what possible positions you can have online as well in my post here:

This goes to say that if you are working online, you can aim just how much you want to earn. How much do you want to earn? I might help you with that…


So stay tune for my next post here: how to land a good job online…

You need to ask yourself this question: What SKILLS do I need to work online?

When I talk about earn fulltime income online, some people would think I am talking about MLM or some company you need to join for a price. While I do believe that you need to invest, I go by my principle of earning online for FREE. The truth is that I am earning without shelling any cash from my own pockets. This is basically because I don’t know how to put some funds on my paypal and I don’t want to know how (at the moment).

As a writer, I invested on and on registering my own domain name at Now, I plan to invest for spinning software to help me with my work. But the cash I will spend and spent for the tools I needed online came from the earnings I got from the services I provided online. So you see I don’t spend. Instead, I invest my time and skills to earn cash and a small amount of cash that I earned online I invest to be more efficient and effected online earner.

However, before you can plan to improve yourself, you just have to know what you need to improve. So I ask you, what can you do that you think people will pay you for it?

Skills that is needed online

So what do you need to posses to be able to provide services online? You know, I spent days, a month I guess, reading job post just so I know what skill I can learn and develop. So far, skills I noticed needed are the following:

  1. Writing skills – yes, I would mention my cup of tea of first. The truth is that if want to earn online fast and sure you need to have some writing skills. Pat Flynn says so in his podcast. But I am not saying this because other people said that it is so. I base this from my experience. I have been writing online just to learn. Now, if you have a knack of writing, you got to read about it in my one of my posts here about it entitled Earn fulltime income online: Where to Start?.

Aside from what I have mentioned, if you don’t want to write for someone, you can actually write some product reviews at and promote some amazon products there. You can earn from revenue sharing sites like and too. In these sites, you can improve your writing skills and earn too. Not so much but if you are a pro, you can start offering your services as the following type of writers too:

  • Ghost writer – my understanding about this is that if you write as another person you are a ghost writer. Most often, this happens to writing blog posts and ebook for other people.
  • Article writer or rewriter – article writer can be all of the writers but I want to emphasize that if you are an article writer, you basically would write SEO rich articles for maybe article submissions (where you submit or post articles on article directories like,, and a lot more). Article rewriter on the other hand is when you rewrite an article. There are three different ways to rewrite an article and I will tell you how next time. I did write a little bit about it in my hub last year here.
  • Web Content writer – now, all that I have mentioned are about web content writers. So why do I say it again? Well, web content writing for me is when I have to write specific content for a specific website like when I have to write an ‘About Us’ or when I have to write a company profile and about their products and services.

Don’t take just my word. I have been reading online too and I read this article, so nicely put that I just have to link you there here. If my words cannot make you understand how it is to earn writing online, maybe this article can. And for more writer types, you can read this article

Online writer can earn from $1 dollar per article to $5. And if you are really good, you can write articles that are worth $10 and up. (This is a rate given to Filipinos).

  1. VA skills – well, I am still new with this position and I am enjoying it. VA or Virtual Assistant is like an online secretary. This is where you do things like scheduling, creating power point presentation and preparing reports, to say the least. To learn more about VA, you can visit this site

VAs do a lot of things and there are about 5 groupings or categories for their job description. You can read more about it here A VA can also do some specific and special tasks required by their employer such as downloading files or converting doc files to PDF files. If you have some clerical skills and good English communication skills, you will probably find a good career being a VA.

VAs in the Philippines earn between $300 to $700 dollars a month. This amount could be more as you grow along with the company who hired you. If you want to be a VA and you don’t know where you start you can like Virtual Staff Finder at facebook.

  1. Graphic skills – Logo designs, banner designs and web page layout design need to have person who have some graphics skills. Well, this is not for me but graphic artist are well paid online. a site, is all about opportunities for graphic designing.
  2. Video editing skills – I just realized this lately actually. As continue to bring influence on its viewers, online and offline or both entrepreneurs realized what an effective video marketing is online. So aside from the written content, these businessmen also hire online workers who can do video edit. You have to learn moviemaker software to be a video editor. Some employers provide training but it is best to learn firsthand as this is the only way you can apply for this position.
  3. Web designing – yes, web designing, of course, is a needed skill online. You will need to know about CSS and basic HTML for this position. Tools such as Photoshop and fireworks are a must as well. You also might need to learn how to customize wordpress themes and create a theme child. You will also have to be able to set up a website and have it live online. If you are serious about being a web page designers, lots of great tutorials is available at
  4. Web programming – and for the great, a place a dare not tread, are the position of online programmers. Well, I need not elaborate on this one. Gives me the creeps. This is yet a dream I don’t want to fulfill… (yes, I have to quit the rhetoric)

So what do these guys (ladies) do? They are the ones responsible for making our online experience fun. They do the apps, the platforms, the games and the lot. So if you are into that then you might not be reading this blog at all… you will know your skill to get confuse what you can do online. (But if you happen to visit my blog here, do share your experience as an online programmer.)

I hope you learned something from this post here and answered some of your questions about how to earn online.

So what skills do you think you have now that will enable you to earn online?

Stay tune for more tips and advices!


Earn Income Online Lesson101: A Paypal how to

Okay, if you want to earn income online, you will need to have a place to put your money in. And because this is an online job, you will need to have an online bank-like website. There are many such sites online but the most popular way to manage your money online is using Paypal.

I have been working online for more than a year but I just started earning a fulltime income online just this January, when I had my paypal verified.

Now, at the moment, I have three types of readers within my personal network for friends and newbie writers. They are the following: 1. the people who don’t know what paypal is and its importance in earning online; 2. the people I have been paying using paypal but don’t know how to verify it yet and lastly; 3. the people who already verified their paypal but don’t know how to withdraw their money.

Now, let us start by defining what paypal is.

So what is paypal?

I am so tempted on just searching the meaning online and just rewrite the definition but I am too lazy browsing and choosing the best definition. So let me just define it the way I understand paypal. is actually a website in which you can register for free. On this site, you can accept and give payments. You can say this is like a bank or an e-wallet, whatever term you are familiar with. The most wonderful thing about paypal is that employers online depend on paypal to pay you. Well, some will send the payment through banks or some will use xoom. But mostly, they will use paypal and in fact, more and more employers online will require it from you. That is why it is very important to register and have a paypal account if you plan to work online.

So go there now, and register for free.

How to verify paypal?

Now, if you register on paypal, you really can’t get your money yet, unless you have a credit card and have your paypal verified. Ooppps, don’t despair yet. I know, there are lots of people out there who really don’t want to have anything to do with credit cards. I myself don’t have a credit card.

Fortunately, for people from the Philippines, you can visit these sites for a detailed, step by step procedure as to how to verify your paypal.

  1. Through EON debit card – visit this site to learn how to verify your paypal using the eon debit card:
  2. Through smart money – visit this site to know how:
  3. Through RCBC – visit here to learn how:
  4. Through payoneer – now, this one here is the method that I have used. As I have mentioned in my blog post here last May, I have mentioned that I have an account at I applied for a freelancer debit card and got a debit card from The earnings a have from writing articles at can be deposited with this debit card. This, by itself, is enough to withdraw online money. However, the freelancer payoneer card is costly to maintain. This is the reason why I still prefer paypal. But I was able to use my freelancer payoneer card to verify my paypal. To know how, visit this site here:
  5. Through your credit card. The easiest way to get your paypal verified of course is to use your credit card if you have one. Just visit this site for more info about how to visit the paypal version how to here:  or visit the version here:

How to withdraw funds from paypal?

This is actually the juicy part. I like withdrawing from paypal. Again, I would like you to visit this page to know how to withdraw LOL, okay, I am a bit lazy writing them in my own words. Besides, I don’t mind NOT REINVENTING THE WHEEL…

For some problems, you best contact visit the site here — this helped me a lot when I got hacked (yes, so true, your paypal money can very well stolen right under your nose so you should know how to safeguard it… ANOTHER BLOG POST…).

So if you have some more questions, please post a comment at my FB page and click here… I will give you some more links and if you like, we can talk using skype.

Hope to hear from you! Thanks for reading this post.