The Vision of an Empowered Professional Online

This is long time in coming. I have been writing for a year telling myself just what Empowered Professionals Online is all about. I have started this FB group more than a year ago with a vision of networking with online freelancers so we can inspire, motivate and help each other.

My idea was to bring people who have a lot to share online so they can spread awareness, share the news and empower others to live the life they like to live. I want to help people close to my heart, working students, stay at home moms and working people who needs extra income, to find financial relief by working online. This is what happened to me. And this is what I want to share.

But the journey of empowering others is tough. This means that I have to empower myself first. When I had this vision, I was a new VA and part time article writer. I really don’t have enough knowledge about online skills or resources to help those I would like to help, yet. But I was relentless with this vision. This is the only thing that I talk about.

A year passed and here I am. I have attracted likeminded people who are more than willing to help. In fact, this is their vision too, to empower others. I also have the knowledge, skills and resources to help, to empower. Now, I do believe, is the right time to launch Empower Professional Online program.

I am excited to level up this journey of my online career. I am happy to see a dream manifesting. I am so glad to find wonderful people who are as excited as me. I appreciate a friend who is more than willing to help. Without them, my dream to empower will remain a dream.

Soon, I will have the official website. But at the moment, as I can’t stop myself from sharing, I will continue to post here. More than ever, I thank you for visiting my blogiste. There will be more to come.

Thank you!

– with Pampanga Bloggers and DOH Source

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