Blog and Social Media Entrepreneurship Day – My Take for this Great Online Event!

Gone are the days – and I can see a lot of things needed to let go – of spending hours in a very expensive flight just to attend a Seminar and listen to speakers you just heard about. Now, with the internet, you can attend it at the comfort of your home listening to a WEBINAR.

Since this January, I have been to a lot of those especially Webinars Ms. Janette Toral conducted. The learnings just made my head SWELL, hopefully not literally, with new found knowledge about Blogging, Influencing and Internet Marketing in general. And yesterday was no different, I have learned BIG time too. And to think that I have been doing nothing these past months but researching and making it to a point that I heard all the IM jargons I need, but I realized yesterday that there are a lot to learn still. You just don’t know how dumbfounded that was so Kudos to my favorite people online who moderated the event, Ms. Janette and Mr. Genesis Reonico.

What is there MORE on Internet Marketing?

To be honest, I was sleepless the night before that I really don’t have any plans to finish the webinar, the longest that I attended so far. And once I sat to listen, can’t let go. And I was early too.

So, what new things I have learned and SM marketing supplements I needed provided in that five-hour web event?

  1. Social Media Monitoring. I never even thought that you have to monitor tweets for a purpose of knowing how your market is seeing you. Really. But the way Mark Delgado put it, it is VERY important especially for big brands like Globe. A single tweet that says something against you can go viral and really, if this happens, no public relation offer can prevent or even minimize the damage. One up for Mark for sharing this. For an IM wannabe like me, this is a very important input. Now, I can add this to 100 checklists that I did to INTERNET MARKETING proof your BUSINESS WEBSITE – this will make it 101 checklist now, doesn’t it?
  2. Using Blog and Social Media to Serve SME Needs. Admittedly, I didn’t listen as much on this topic cause my son was driving me crazy but what I managed to hear really got me thinking hard. Vanj Padilla shared that businesses today should really realign their marketing strategy and realized that Social Media is a very, very important part of it. I know of a business man who chose to still with the gulf clubs and casinos on closing corporate business as that is the only place businesses are done. I don’t want to play greater than thou but working as a VA in very successful business online working on processing leads for businesses with services or product that has nothing to do with the internet, I’d say, corporate deals in the Philippines can use a lot of help using the internet.  But this is what I and my like-minded friends online are advocating for so there is still hope for the future.
  3.  Effective Graphic Design for Blogs and Social Media Campaigns. This one I agree 100% and thanks to Gilmar Padua, I have to give up on making my online graphics for my upcoming website – it has been upcoming for a month because I can’t do graphics the way Gilmar does. The mind doesn’t think in words, it sees images. When I was a book addict, I see words as images. So one thing that makes a website great is its graphics. Besides, if you just can’t express your thoughts in words, images will do, it can even be great if you know how to.
  4. Using Online Video to Create Engaging Content. A new thing to consider. I think that video on a website rocks. And while Randolf Novino’s internet connection didn’t make it easy for Randolf to explain what he got, I read the tweets #bsmeday and listeners were getting it. I noted that if you want to start using video for your content, you don’t need to buy DSLR for it nor do you need the light effects big gun tools. Just do with what you have. The most important thing is you keep the content short and sweet.
  5. The Three Rs of IM. Yes, didn’t use the exact title of Ms. Fleire Castro’s slide because I think this is the meat of her presentation: Reach, Resonance and Relevance. Her story gave me goose bumps because I can relate. I was, in a way, fired because I was caught writing while working. Ironic, I really was not writing, I was proofreading past work because I want to improve my article. Well, that was in the past and all was forgiven. But Flare’s story gave me a hope that it is possible to achieve something thought to be impossible. And yes, not a short journey nor is it easy but if you don’t stop, you will get there. Two thumbs up for Ms. Fleire and if I have more thumbs, I will hold it up too.

I just want to give it to Genesis, a very inspiring person I met online, for coming up with this event. And I will continue on learning more in the hopes that someday, I can contribute to the advocacies Ms. Janette has been working on for our e-commerce. I will be waiting for more webinars like this. Thank you and more power!

PS. I tried to post this in my new website but it is not ready yet, so maybe next time… 😀